At fusion learning, there’s nothing we love more than helping the world’s leading brands solve their biggest, juiciest challenges in insight, radical innovation, brand positioning and brand competency development. We’ve had the privilege of working around the globe in more than 70 categories from beer to banks and pharmaceuticals to food.

We don’t own any black boxes, we don’t have pre-packed processes, we don’t have a book we're trying to sell (apart from Crispin’s fabulous ‘7 Myth’s of Middle Age’). We just believe that excited, passionate people with an armoury of tools to unleash their creative potential are the answer to long term creative brand building, and we’re great at sharing how.

As our name suggests, we’ve built brand capability programmes for teams of 10 to 500 people in Marketing and for their friends in Sales, R&D and beyond. Most of our time however is spent building capability and belief both one-to-one and in small teams on real live brand challenges as creative brand building mentors.

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